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Ideas for the Game

  1. “Arquebusiers”- these are basically the exact same unit as archers except with shorter range. I compared the 2 units in sandbox and they both took out the same unit in the same amount of time with the same firerate. Historically in Japan the arquebusiers were used for countering charges with devastating volleys such as during the battle of nagashino where thousands of gunmen slowed and broke up a gigantic cavalry charge. I would rather see arquebusiers have a large amount of damage, with a longer reload time. This would add variation to the game and not just have arquebusiers be mini, weaker archers.
  2. The start screen/interface is not very user friendly and could be changed.
  3. Make formations and various abilities that units could use, ex Yari could have a pike formation where their pikes would be lowered but greatly slowing the unit down and a movement formation, where they held their pikes vertical for greater movement speed.
  4. Sometimes when you order units about they get stuck in a grey area and start oscillating violently.
  5. The terrain’s elevation is somewhat difficult to see(No idea for a fix)
  6. Horse archers should be able to fire on the move in exchange for accuracy.
  7. I understand this would be difficult to program but consider fog of war/line of sight, especially for trees, which would allow ambushes etc.
  8. More detailed explanation for unit routing conditions.
  9. Campaign(I think this is already being worked on).
  10. A way to change camera angle.
  11. Explanation for the various chat buttons.
  12. Units like yari and cavalry retaining their attack even during movement. Like advancing through the enemy with yari and even without the attack orders they still damage the enemy with their pikes, or cavalry being able to charge through enemy units and continue running.
  13. Once they tide of battle shifted enough the other player’s favor and you are basically surrounded but can still break out, the unit automatically routs. This can prevent runners.

Take this ramble with a grain of salt.


If you don’t know what the chat buttons are for…


  • our lobby chat, everyone can see this when they click on this button, it’s an option for typing, does not bring up the typing box itself


  • game chat, a chat strictly for the two sides in your game (spectating also works) this is an option for typing, it does not bring up a typing box


  • team chat, strictly for when you’re doing a 2v2, 2v1, 3v1 etc etc, this chat is only to be seen by your teammates and spectators, and it brings up a typing box


  • “chat”, this button is used to bring up textboxes and type in messages within two options of: lobby talk, and game talk.


It would be nice if the river has properties such as the units getting swept away or getting slowed down and decreasing morale


We already have an Arquebusque Unit


I Agree with you


I also have an idea


Just post it man


The “Arquebusiers” are actually closer to what you are asking for. I believe they have higher accuracy against moving targets. If you try in the sandbox against a moving calv you’ll notice the difference between them and the archer unit.


Yes I think that would be very cool actually


Regarding the chat buttons I just made some adjustments to them, and moved them all to the lower left corner:

They function the same way as before: lobby, match, and team respectively.

Also added a Discord button, to make it more convenient to go the discord server:

The web version has already been updated, and the mobile versions will be updated as soon as they have been processed by the Play Store / App Store.


Very nice


I did some tests, aparrently units fighting in rivers are less effective? I would like to see them slowed down.