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iTunes for donations?

I’d love to donate and have access to the full creator menu and be able to host my own lobby and such, but I can’t currently pay with credit cards and I’m sure there may be others in the same situation, so I hope you can add that feature if possible.

How would your lobby be different, exept that you would have the power to police it!?

More ppl…I could have up to 6 ppl in a battle…more troops and can also not have the normal selection of troops that you spawn with in every normal game I have an idea of using just the “musket shooters” or whatever they are called I forget the name for them, and bow units with cavalry units on each side fairly divided for balance to kind of create a “gunpowder age” kind of battle scenario
Not to mention I could then use my own custom maps that I make on my own time to battle others with

Just get a prepaid debit card.

Actually, with advanced modding/scripting it will be possible to make your own lobby, example for running tournamets or territory campaigns.

But I think @Cwrigzz means just hosting custom battles: Yes, there will be App Store and Play Store payments coming later this year, for now Patreon is the supported payment method.

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Yea I see that now! You just need to unlock custom game mode!
I have a dream where 13 play vs 13 and all have their own unit! Imagine the team chat…lol

I wanna do that we just need 11 more people

13v13, but each person only gets a single unit, lol