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Join here////////The Roman Legion \\\\\\\\\join here


This is led by @Centurion1 otherwise king/Emperor

You may join here and grow the empire i have established. I have fought for and grew

from a single state all the blue is my empire the tan is all sof clan the rest are inactive. When you join you will be placed in a territory i own(blue) i will place a picture of a soldier that represents you ,
then you may grow from there by posting victory screens of sof members on this page to move towards and into tan colors territory and Any registered player to move into Any other colors region unless they return then you must fight them a screen shot of any player moves you a state away from were you are but you must specify were you aim to go 1 2877154e40b44d04124fd8480afa83d1
screen shot=1movemet to next state


Are enemies are also welcome to post and expand there territory or start there own conquest in any empty state or battle there way into conquerd territory





Lol damn so you guys have been going at it for a while huh :cold_face:


Nah ima continue the way it is i dont like restarting stuff i prefer to keep things going till the end. It took alot of work to get here


You can start a new map if u want


I am do you want to be part of it and If so what country you want


Maybe i will after u get it going


I will take Basternae with these two



Wanna join




of course Your welcome to join put this crest in front of your name🔱 this will be are clan crest. Where would you like to be posted on the map? Be sure to fight sof members and save the screens to post to our thread and grow are empire





Rise my legions!!! Rise


Hey can I join ???



The map?? Sure were you wanna start?


I just got a map of Spain want to do it




@Centurion1 like the map