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New clan for everyone.

What is Sanghelios?

Show yourself more in lobby even if you are good or not leaders of clans arnt always strong but can be smart you can instruct your clan members to grow your empire. Make gold in @Noremac warrior bank even if you only play 2or 3 times a day you can still grow your empire just keep 1 inf cav +general alive and post a victory screenshot of any player in territory wars and conquer fields to expand your empire

i can train you if you want to get better at first you may lose alot but then it gets easier to understand but keep battling and you can get better try to form fast(practice) this gives you a solid chance of winning


double tap and hold u will see a bubble pop up like here

I want join

If this leader does not reply you can still expand territory in his name if you choose to play the vessel roll there is his territory place gold screens(cav+inf cav) to territory wars to expand