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King Shaka's corner

A racist rant before getting annihilated by the zulus…

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What the fuck is wrong with him? You have the Support of the the Muslims.

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Sometimes outcome can easily be foretold by knowledge of enemies weaknesses:

I think he calls everyone a dog. Don’t take it personally.

No he doesn’t, you shouldn’t take it personally though, it was directed towards all africans!

Dog don’t have lips and in Mexico this is a big diss because if you have small lips your considered ugly. If you said you have dog in you one could play on those words and say your mother fucked a dog. “Your people are dogs” is just a diss here in our country used to describe someone and their inner circle as lazy, not hard working- and stinky. It’s not a race thing.

Shaka doesn’t care…asshole got destroyed, that is all that matters…hasn’t been seen since!:man_shrugging:t6: My zulu warriors executed a beautiful, swift attack just as the enemy was talking rubbish, which caught them confused and unable to withdraw in an orderly way as guns and bows were blazing hellfire on them…

Yes lol it was beautiful. Those invaders got what was coming to them.