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Kingdom Come:Conquest for the Dominion of all Empires


Instructions: You start out with 50g and 100 food,each clan or solo player gets,'1castle,1 gold mine,and one farm.Each banner on the map with your simbol is one of your citys,to get gold you can either wate a week or attack a nother kingdom.This would start a war between both of you but if you win the engagement you wil get 3 gold and a coty on his part of the map.You will also get taxes from each city every 3 weeks, you get 10 silver the mine will give you 5g a week and farm will give you 150 food a week you can take over gold mines and farms by first taking the citys near them but to star you can ony attack citys from other players that are on your borders or close you can also upgrade farms and mines prices will be at the going into the farm with out the farm thers no army your army get 50 food every 3 weeks and if you dont hqve 50 food you cant battle but you could buy from a naghbor or ally for a price of 20g if you upgrade a farm it will give you 300 for a week there are 3 upgrade for a farm and you may buy a nother one.Now coming to the army and alliances you haft to pay the army 15 gold every month if you dont you will only have the generals you can also ally yoir self with the other clans and players and if one is going to attack your kom,you can bribe him starting 10 gold but you can offer him more if he doesnt want it he may attack you its his choice.


Prices: Gold Mine first upgrade:50g second upgrade: 100g. Farm first upgrade:50g.second:100g. third:150g. Taxes per city:40 silver. 40 silver=1gold coin


Sounds interesting


Is lotus platoon in your clan if he is your clan is in the game




@Noremac @El-Duderino @SwordLeader117


Hey leader I’m up


Go to website of forum for link to work




@BOOM407 this might be cool


Ye kinda what I’m aiming to do. Provinces could provide income to pay and feed ur armies etc.



I wanna join this


Anybody still interested in a forum rp?