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Lag Cheaters, and tips and tricks how to outsmart them


So you might have heard about cheaters? Well to be fair lag is one of them. You might see a laggy person and you might think he or she is noob, but to be honest they might be lag cheaters and they might used lag on purpose so warning leave game if you see a laggy person but stay as long as you can to get information about it. If you lose to a lag person we’ll might find some evidence to discuss. Post on here if you have something to show.


Tips, if they run and you chase them for a while then do not keep going RUN away from them but if they are faster and you have a teammate then make the teammate chase the enemy and you run until he leave the game.


Hay are you new in the game


Judging by the post yes!


Um… I don’t know but if you are tired of chasing and stuff…You can as well leave the game.


I think this is another way which is, use lag against them but if it possible. Or if you have an army and the enemy has one them just keep chasing the enemy because you will soon know that your tired and been waiting for a long time chasing the enemy. The enemy will eventually leave BUT it will might happen for aleast two hours.


This is one of not the most retarded post ever, high ping is not = to lag hacks, but just bad connectivity -_-


Sup caven why wana do a match tomarow


Thanks for the compliment Cavan. :joy:


You must be chikacrini 's brother cause this is his technique


Are you replying to me? Or other person? Well If me then, I am not his or her brother…


This post is getting better n better!