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Let's make a story line by line

Upon his horse at the top of a hill, Xin surveyed the battle raging below.

He realized that he would lose half of his men before he’d win. He then had to choose another plan.

So Xin decided to hold up on the hill untill reinforcememts arrive.

Meanwhile, down on the field of battle a captain held his company on the front line.

Then The Ass Blaster showed up and blasted all their asses

It’s not that I am against battlefield erotica, but I don’t think I will follow up on that flanking maneuver.

The enemy flanks from the right. The left. He was surrounded!!!

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The Ass Blaster’s men really went to town on their weak hearted asses as they all started surrendering to their conquering heroes.

But a legion of men come from the north. Reinforcements have arrived. The strongest in the land!

Then I came, the end.

…is just the beginning, I went.

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There was still work to be done. The enemy was defeated. But their men were low on numbers. They had to do something to increase their numbers. But what?

With the enemy defeated, Xin turned his warriors into plowman and began to rebuild his country.

As his nation grew and prospered Xin began to fear that all would not remain so peaceful, that one day war would again plight the land.

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But The Ass Blaster remained a puissant force who loved nothing more than blasting enemy ass.

He then brought farmers and peasants to become strong warriors. The people loved him. But something dark was growing inside of his country

Many of the stronger warriors wanted to rule the country as well.

He had enemies that are next door neighbors and 2,000 rebels against him. He had to look to his nearest allies.

So Xin sent an envoy to the neighboring kingdom to ask for support. With the envoy was a guard of 100 soldiers. The journey would be dangerous because in passed through lands controlled by the Ass Kicking clan.

On the way he met some merchants. But something was different about them. They were members of a large army. He decided to gain the alliance of these 5,000 men. But the enemy still outnumbered him three to one. He still needed to get to the other kingdom.

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