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Login does not work on Android



It says 404 not found every time i try to log in

Game not working with Chrome

V.180711.1918 is the version


404 Not Found

Code: NoSuchKey
Message: The specified key does not exist.
Key: auth-signin-callback.html
RequestId: A5428FD9929430BF
HostId: Q7+pa1EOq2DeH3h+XuSCVVhB+Ck/




404 to the= is what my game shows


And it shows from time to time and it shows when i try to log in


@nikodil :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


Thanks @Ser_Leslie_Pascual that error message was very helpful. I’ve made an adjustment to the server, try again and let me know if it works.


Nikodil I have a bigger problem I can’t even play on any Android device only forum opens and a white padge appears for a few seconds and it said error 404 and it gives me some tags


@TheHorseLord This should be the same problem, if you try the latest beta it should work now.


Oh I can play now I just had to update my Google Play Store




Nikodil thanks for the update its really help full!!! :slight_smile:


So are you back on game my boy


Yes my Lord!


Ok good when can we battle maybe Sunday I can’t Saturday gtg to a party


Whats yoir timeline first




Mountain time and btw I can battle if we battled at 6 pm mountain time


I mean country fyi am a fil so currently right now for me is 10:45pm