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Looking 4 a story writer


Looking for a scribe aka documenter narritive writer that (extreamly) enjoys writing as there will be alot of material to write so this should be something you like to do on your free time. I will have you write out the narrative to territory wars


I might be interested just tell me what I haft to do


I am very interested. I do a lot of forum role playing (though i am taking a break now to focus on SW). Writing is a big passion of mine. What project do you have in mind.


probably something like this writing what happened ya know


How about this for a story

EAT MY SW BLADE :fu:t4::japanese_ogre:

        🎶 FIN 🎶


I understand


you seem bored you are all over the place


You mean bored … no my whittle SW friend I know not the meaning of being bored …being bored is for people who have no talents


well i am awaiting you in battle right now


Invite me


I like the game it just isn’t like in a real battle if it were I could bring whatever troops I want myself all can with a few infantry but right now I am doing pixel gun 3d and my YT channel I will be back latter on tho


You’d get annihilated with an experience player with archers or gunmen

Rules of the SW game some units are better than other

Always good to be even in troops

Unless … you are a master …like … @Nox

:martial_arts_uniform: I’d use nothing but the best :snail:


You will be the territory bank you will doing the issuing of challenges and the narrative in where players go on map when they leave screenshot destination empty you will find the nearest player they beat. you can send me the narritive(destination brief summery)threw forum in written pm message i will take a screen of ur narritive and will group them to gether after we have a few. i will change graphics by the cut n paste process and post every week based on ur narrative.


I will subdivide the story into a separate thread. Conversation can happen there and the territory bank can be for map updating only.


Like this i would like to do a better narrative but im not a verry passionate about writing i can but its laborous and boring to me but is fundamental to this game


The northeast etc. help me know where to look on map. l always leave the territory there camping at currently to start for next update.


Ya i like that, it would help. im thinking money can be obtained by the type and amount of players you have surviving in each screen :moneybag: can buy walls to build around a completely owned state permanently locking it only can be penetrated by succesfully defeating the owner the same amount of times as territory he owns in the wall giving the crutch of no calvery to the defender


Who me nox I really doubt that you could beat the best total war players like Paladin Bob and syn of the dark cloud Crini would be recked you would probs do fairly well cents blob attack would get anihalated on TW by doing the canae stratagy from Hannibal


Correction to battle you my friend I would never use infantry I would use cav since I know you don’t use that like a true cavalry general would your not a cavalry kind of player you are an infantry guy I feel a lot more comfortable with a lot of cavalry so I would use a faction like the Mongols or Macadon to battle u


No I know how to adapt I just haven’t been on for 1 year like you I try to make my battles fast on so cuz I hate to be on one battle for 20 mins like you on TW there are more expirianced players and bigger army’s so I would take my time to plan everything