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Looking 4 a story writer


In the beginning I would be a defenseve player and would do a lot better but whene camper meets camper it takes a long time so I started forming up with archers spearmen and katanas in the back and I can beat most players other than you and Crini but that’s cuz he runs my ancient battle tacktics won’t work against your blob tactic so after u told me not to be a camper I started using the new tactic but in this game it won’t work against you and I don’t like to camp cuz I hate to Waite I’m not paciant any more then I got pixel gun and I made a YT channel and got bored of this game it gets to hard to maneuver also whene troops collide


Bro evolution is necessary to survive ,you can’t do better because you are not evolving yourself and your strategies ,when I started this game my thinking was like you andi got defeated many times and not able to defeat many but when I start evolving myself ,my stetergies I start becoming better and better and also learned from my battles in which I got defeated ,this game wont allow and many other games too to use many strategies like real world but still you can use many strategies here and can make your own strategies , don’t go for old strategies,they are not useful because they are old ,that’s why we called then ancient or old strategies ,make your own battle statergies and take masters in it ,like I had many awesome statergies and I defeated many experienced and skilled and non skilled players but after some time peoples know from those statergies but after some time peoples start counter my statergies because they know about them and then I realised I have to changed them so I evolved and start making my statergies and using other statergies .like once I use to be cavalry expert by using my only cavalry I use to kill whole entire armies of enemy bit after some time peoples start counter me because they learnt and foun and Loop holes in it so I stop using that statergies so the summary of this essay is evolve yourself if you can’t then you will get defeated Everytime…


I have but everything fails against the mob attack


When, I listened to your advice but I liked my cav a lot and in training you would take my advantage so I didn’t like it I like this game but it was just a while I noticed that I was addicted so I stopped and now I play pixel gun 3D and I started a new YT channel yesterday about bug fighting and also I haft to study a lot of Latin at night when I’m free I only get 30 min to play before I go to sleep this game was just a faze you know I will come back after a time though


Haha check out my clan I have their heads hanging from my Shinto shrine


Who’s heads


Ya no you don’t


I’ve slaughtered everyone you have mentioned



Nope, i haven’t been slaughtered yet


And I have battled with him only once in this game I bet I will slaughter him in next one if we met again in Battlefield😎


if you guys can send me a list of materials and there cost in a simpl graph style for example

A single Wall=1000$




I could help. I love writing I’m even writing a book :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok . I will send u examples or my concept later though ill be in touch im busy now


Maybe we could reopen the alliance bank. If more then one person wants to help keep track we can use pirate pad or something.


How does this work


Is there no one else :japanese_ogre::right_anger_bubble:


There is always me open to your challenges at any time even in lobby but some reason you avoid me i always give u a fair battle


Stfu dude you tire me with your bs


Where you at ¿…