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Looking 4 a story writer


Hahaha coward… seen you type then bitch out
Trying to call me out you must be crazy
Wtf you mean by fair battle too haha nerd


Fear, scared tired of my shit (wich is new to me) every time i play u u seem cool (weird) what ever you call it, i thought you were the best on here but u avoid playn me lol u probly play on random to avoid me getting a screen. Ive probly wooped ur ass b4 thats y u avoid me u reply with some disrespect. Idk why u Elites are so scared to lose bob the showgun is the only non coward out of all of u


Haha it’s okay don’t trip I get it you try


Bitch out lol everyone here knows me


Im in lobby where you at


Im going to lobby right now


Where ¿…haha next time don’t talk that rubbish


Im a bitch lol


Pay attention


Only players on are shurda and noremac you read as default player if anything I didn’t see your name in lobby



:martial_arts_uniform::beer: :mexico:

Pay attention


Pussy refused to gimmi rematch if he could beat me like that again ide be amazed


Lets go then


:martial_arts_uniform::beer: :mexico:


Keep playn me regularly and i have a feeling ide be on the other side of this loss i never play on my anonymous logo so all my losses are here for the world to see i aint got no shame to my lose however many i lose but i garentee you if u play me more i will get a few


That’s the spirit old chap :skull:

Never give in

All is fair in war :scroll:



They just dont understand that! However hard you try to explain what war is!