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Looking for a clan or to make one


So I’m a pretty good general and I’m looking for a clan of skilled players so I can continue to improve as most of my competitors are fairly lacking except for Tadeusz. I’m also considering creating a clan of players that use tactics like deception and shock. Please let me know if you’re interested.


There are no active clans at the moment, and I think clans are a little pointless since the forum is a wasteland but I think you’ll have better chances making a clan on discord


I would like to play against you Tadeuz is a friend of mine so if you can compare to him it would be a interesting fight


He is a good player and has given me a good challenge, so I’m confident that he won’t disappoint


Absolutely! Even if I don’t win I’ll still learn something so it’s all the one


Thanks for the positive rating XD


If you’re going to start one on Discord let me know.