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Love the new sandbox

I kind of gave up on playing Samurai Wars for some time, when the new mail came up and told me a new update had come up. Until now, there were a couple of bug fixes and stability improvements (which are great too, don't misunderstand me). I was so excited because of it I had to try it out.

I went and did my best to create a map so that I could similate a couple of historical battles and some other crazy stuff. Loved it. I really did, and I thank you for the hard work you are constantly doing. P.S. Pikes are so awesome! Make them face towards the enemy charge and you'll make 'em route easily.

Its yari and yeah their awesome

Heheh, I kept saying pikes. I dunno, I have a strange thing for japanese words... though it's medieval Japan-themed game, so I should adjust...

Not that I really care I would love it to be Napoleon themed

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