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Map of Conquest

In this competition, you will be creating a map by claiming blank squares in a grid. Each players territory will be outlined in a different color. You may claim a territory by posting a victory screenshot. The coordinates can be listed in an x,y format, starting from the bottom left corner, or you can simply give me a general area.

Field = 1 victory
Forest = 2 victories
Water = 3 victories
Desert = 3 defeats

Name - Color
Noremac - Blue
Nox - Red
Bellboy0 - Purple
Conqueror - Black
Tomah_Savajh - Dark Purple
ATHOSRIO - Scarlett
JustSubpar -


  1. Screenshots are posted here in exchange for territory on the map. Booms from the Alliance Bank are also accepted.
  2. All territories claimed must touch another of your own territories.
  3. A river may only be stopped by a large body of water.
  4. To claim an adjacent enemy territory you must defeat them in battle and post a screenshot (except deserts).
  5. Any desert territories can be claimed with one victory screenshot of any player.

Thanks to @ResimusChaste for the original idea. Please leave your suggestions for future updates (Forest and Fields will be used for resources, rivers/water for defensive). Choose your color, then post victory screen shots here and I will add them as soon as possible.

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Awesome what colors are still available if pink or red has not been taken I wouldn’t mind either of those two haha

I’ll start with this:

And I shall claim 4 fields (25,25) (26,25) (25,26) (26,26)

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I have chosen blue. You are welcome to take blue or red. Let me know if you think there should be any other rules. I want to add cities, mountains, roads, and trading at some point.

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That’s coooL man red would be fine

Red Eye does sound better than pink eye:P I look forward to seeing your nation grow!

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Hahaha yeah thought it would be funny to give everyone pink eye :poop:

I’ll take water …:shinto_shrine::ocean::shinto_shrine:
And a field also
Start me off from the very beginning

Bottom left corner sorry not excaty sure yet how to write it out … I’ll get it though soon

I was just thinking about rules… maybe also trying to keep track of times and dates of these screen shots

Cause a way players could mess around with the map of conquest is if they use screen shots from old pervious games way before this was created

Can’t wait to see how this map will turn out🌈

Hmm ok help me out the first time I’ll understand it soon enough if i can stay sober enough hahaha :fire::ocean:

Another field please thanks

At this point @Noremac just place my wins from bottom left corner to top right
Doesn’t matter excaty where just as close as you can add them



I was planning on only taking shots that have a the command bar from the most recent update.

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I will add 4 fields and a water to the bottom left. If you ever want to change around where your river tiles go let me know. I have an idea to make it so that a river must continue until it turns into a lake that has an area larger than the length of the river. Soon I want to add a mountain tile as well. Fields will give food, forests give wood, mountains give metal. Metal and wood and food will be required for cities.

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3 fields sw of me.

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I’ve updated the rules. Suggestions are welcome.

2 forest and a field

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5 forest and I’ll save up for a desert.

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Let me get all fields man
Any set up is fine