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Matchlock training in progress


not going too well…

Matchlock with even more friendly fire and Cannons with Kaboom

now they are making progress.

before training:


after training:



Christmas has come early this year. Thank you so much @nikodil!


Wat is this? Eh?
Update? Please Oh god no I have no space


Niko space program soon


Love it will one of these be in the next update? Or both? Or nun?


They will be devastating against troop stackers


I plan on release the update as soon as I’ve tested it properly, hopfully within one or two weeks.


Okay, sounds good to me.


Im in a village at the edge of the world with bad network and high pings, impossible to watch these vids, whats this matchlock training? Can somebody explain the vids in words!


By the way, in my oppinion the new lasso is not ready to fully replace the old unit marking system, as the nice features of the old are gone, I dont know if its possible but it would be good if the old system was left and able to be used simultaneously with the new…if I am making any sence, so both could be used by choice! There is something with that square lasso that bugs me! Like if u lasso the whole army you cannot desellect single units, unless you start the lasso on a unit, but as armies seldom are in perfect squares, it is often hard to mark all by the square if you start on a unit! If this is a finnished product and not an prototype, I stand firmly behind the old marking system! Appreciate your work as allways though…


Some work to increase firing bugs on matchlock accuracy and a sneak preview of some new artillery units…




Wow saw the vids…lit! But…matchlick led would logicly I imagine not pass through so many rows of infantry in reallity I guess, wouldnt the fist and possibly the second act as human shields, and it would be interesting to see how the poor friendly troops do if they are positioned in the line of fire! Great that there is now difference between arrows and bullets, arrows fall in the circle, bullets fly straight and hit the first piece of meat they touch


Lasso to hard I do not like it