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Matchlock with even more friendly fire and Cannons with Kaboom



There’s a beta build of the new matchlock and cannons that you can try yourself:

Check the post Matchlock training in progress for some early footage. The following changes have been made:

  • for bow units, line-of-sight is no longer blocked by elevated terrain
  • for matchlock units, line-of-sight has been slightly adjusted, it’s still blocked by elevation but not small bumps
  • matchlock kill zones now take bullet trajectories into account - if a bullet doesn’t hit the targeted unit it continues and have a chance to hit units behind
  • the new cannon unit representing a battery of three cannons

I haven’t done much balance testings, so please test and give feedback.

NOTE: the build in the link above is for testing the changes using the sandbox, and it doesn’t allow for online play. I’m currently testing the networking code and will release the online mode soon.


From my current tests, it plays really well!
Also this may just be me but I usually play without audio and I heard some cries of anguish when the shot made contact with a unit. Has this been around for long or just me? Don’t hate if I missed this I genuinely just experienced this. XD


With Kaboom!? wows


Wait so bows range is no longer affected by terrain?


It is just not as much


Yes, for bows and cannons, terrain elevation no longer affects range. It’s a gross oversimplification, but currently the simulation doesn’t really consider trajectories. They are either considered completely flat (for matchlock) which mean they can be blocked by terrain and have extended kill zones. Or completely curved (bows/cannons), so that they will pass over any obstacle and land with completely circular kill zones. The reality is of course far more complex, and I hope to be able to revise these calculations in the future.


Apropo something else! Fatigue would be actually fun though, maybe if you have to walk to recover a bit or something “simple” like that. If it inhibits you from running all the time, it would affect strategising in a positive way I believe


Yes, fatigue is a vital missing feature


This is the first build of the web version with any sound support at all. But yes, for the mobile versions those sounds effects has always been there, although they usually drown in the noise of the battle. :smiley:


Doesn’t this make mountains/all terrain besides forest useless? No more advantage of positioning yourself on higher ground? (besides with matchlocks)


They are, it’s just that little bumps in the map won’t matter anymore


High ground currently only matters for melee, not range, same as before. The difference is with the bumps, and I think you have a valid concern. I’ll do some more testing.


Ok I see, I didn’t know high ground mattered for melee. I’m only thinking that now there is no way to avoid archer fire.


I think some what I wrote above is slightly confusing :thinking:
To summarize:

  • before: all missiles were blocked by tiny bumps
  • after: matchlock are blocked by small bumps, bows/cannons are blocked by large bumps
  • range is not affected by elevation, same as before

I did some tests and I think the LOS calculations are good enough for now. Cannons might be slightly OP so I’ll adjust those.


High ground should not matter for arrows


Hey Nicodil, sorry I am a genious, high ground gives bows visibility of field by 15-20%! Now we’re talking! Then what kind of elevation and how high snd stuff it’s up to you magiko! Or 10% at least!


I am eager to try the cannon, I am a bit weary of major changes like this for I would not like the wonderfull game dynamics to be jeapardised, with that I am not saying it will! And with that I referr to the “chess” fealing of course. And I mean that for my ideas aswell! It’s a speciall format, thin, unicue and in it’s way complete! Just a friendly reminder not to stray too much in times of great developement, and again I’m not acuding anyone of straying…yet :))))


AHHHHHHH…I have a suggestion you should add for the next update which is horse archers can shoot while moving in exchange for accuracy.


You stealing my idea Heil, you do add the “exchange for accuracy” though!


Ahh your idea is beautiful