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Mercenary for hire


Is it revenge you seek? Or perhaps glory? Maybe, you just want a training partner? Regardless, you are here because you seek a sell sword. I cannot join your clan, for The Mercenary Army reigns supreme, but if you need an ally in battle or someone to humiliate your foe, look no further. General Noremac of the First Advanced Recon Division will fight for you.

Should you approach me with respect, I ask no recompense for my services. The growing glory of The Mercenary Army is all the payment I need. But should you come to me full of pride and aggression, know that you are doomed.

 /\\   /  |...::..|`   :   `|
 |:'\ |   /'''::''|   .:.   |
@|\ /\;-,/\   ::  |..:::::..|
`||\ <` >  >._::_.| ':::::' |
 || `""`  /   ^^  |   ':'   |
 ||       |       \    :    /
 ||       |        \   :   /
 ||       |___/\___|`-.:.-`
 ||        \_ || _/    `
 ||        <_ >< _>
 ||        |  ||  |
 ||        |  ||  |
 ||       _\.:||:./_
 \/ jgs  /____/\____\


May I join your mercenary army as lutenite(I don’t know how to spel it) cavalry.


If you wish to join The Mercenary Army you must apply as a brigade/regimental General here:

But if you’re asking to join his mercenary brigade then you guys can figure out how that works. Lol

P.S. it’s spelled “lieutenant” hope that helps as well. :3


Nice man


Lieutenant KingofCalvalry, meet me on the battle field. If you beat me I will recommend your promotion to general. Just give me any time and time zone.


Id like you to fight someone very skilled in warfare, take screenshots and tell me how the battle played through


Normac I’m in America in pacific time so tell me a time you are available in my time so I can figure out a time to fight you.


I live in the PNW myself. I will look for you at 6pm, but should’ve able to play any time. Is KingofCalvalry your ingame name?


I’m on now normac


May I give it a shot???


Ummm… I almost forgot may I give it a shot SIR???:guardsman::guardsman::guardsman::guardsman::guardsman::guardsman:


Eastern us time zone


I don’t have time today, but I’ll look for you tomorrow.


I’m not available till like next week


Maybe tomorrow???


I wish to create an alliance with the mercenary army. Together. We can fight together for what is rightfully ours




PS I will be recruiting men for a few months


I would enjoy fighting with you or against you. If we can’t find time to play in game you could join in on the Map of Conquest.


I’ll be glad to join in.