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Mercenary for hire


What is your in game name? I’m not sure I have battled you yet.


You are a good player. I hope we play again soon.


Game name is slayer


Can i join


No one may join anything at this thread, for it is here that I challenge you. I will only join the clan of the general who can defeat me in battle. Give me a time and I will meet you on the field and route you with sword and arrow. Beat me, and I will fight for you.


wats up normac long time since u been on ive gottan a million times better im tryn to rivive ths forum and make players better so thy just dont join and quite threw lack of knowledge and frustration of not getting the concept also tryn to set up tournaments on week ends and team battles but we need more recruits im wokin on recruit page right now for leaders of clans im tryn to post everthing i know to community to create better players and short cuts 2 become an elite and more intence nail bitting games


I like the weekend tournament idea. Having events on a timely basis is a good idea for a small community. In January I will have a stable schedule and will try to be more active here.


Is it revenge you seek? Or perhaps glory? Maybe, you just want a training partner? Regardless, you are here because you seek a sell sword. General Noremac of the Advanced Recon Force will fight for you.

I will post one screenshot in your name in exchange for 1 Gold.

 /\\   /  |...::..|`   :   `|
 |:'\ |   /'''::''|   .:.   |
@|\ /\;-,/\   ::  |..:::::..|
`||\ <` >  >._::_.| ':::::' |
 || `""`  /   ^^  |   ':'   |
 ||       |       \    :    /
 ||       |        \   :   /
 ||       |___/\___|`-.:.-`
 ||        \_ || _/    `
 ||        <_ >< _>
 ||        |  ||  |
 ||        |  ||  |
 ||       _\.:||:./_
 \/ jgs  /____/\____\


@Noremac can you fight for me get me one gold and take off that your six silver???
if you can your hired
emmm… esteemed general


hmmm might have to up my price. But for you of course. You should even get a salary for being second in command :smiley:


thx general yeah you should up your price haha


I would like to join up, it does not matter what rank at all but i am fairly new so i will need practice.


You will not get any practice by joining a clan but by playing alot, random players, better, worse, all!


That is some impressive keyboard art