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Minamoto Clan Recruiting!


This is a new clan if you want to learn and enjoy this game fully you need a clan. I am offering you a chance to rise above the rest join me in my quest to unite the land under the minamoto banner. I am a active player on almost all the time and I will help you become one of the fierce commander once we take control of this land I will divide the spoils of war equally


I would like to make an alliance minamoto and here is a new clan also you could make with @XxDUPLAR_EEFECTxX


An alliance? Im interetsted now


Sure thing you would make a great ally


Wana battle


So far I am unimpressed with your army I recently battled a daiyamo and defeated him rather easley. The first member I asked ran. So I don’t think I’m going to ally myself with you


Well ok then that’s fine with the oda




Join here




New clan


I need members tho so I had to place it at the top of the forum


You sure they gonna join?




How do i join? Do we have to have something in our name?


Then clan thing didnt exactly pan out