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Morale mechanics

I just wanted to ask , does the morale of mellee units get better when fighting ranged units like in total war ??? I never really understood the morale mechanic

What I understand about morale is:

Militia have such low morale, they'll sometimes run away even against archers. If cavalry charges upon them, they likely won't stand a chance (unless they're yari! Hurra). If cav routes, other units behind it will run off too. It might lead to a chain routing They say that if you sprint for too long, it will affect morale. I never had such problem though. Don't run straight up against any kind of yari. If you will, do it wisely. Friendly fire is a thing. Have it up in your mind when firing.

Again its ashigaru

I know all that I just asked if it gets their morale up seven doing something their good at like it dfoes affect their morale in total war

Man, I’ve seen chain routes stop, and usually because I was winning. Maybe they are affected by their sourrounding situation?

Its affected by if u have cav or general or any other healthy unit next to them

A units morale value starts at 1 (for all units) and it routes when the value gets below 0 (also same for all units). The morale decreases when it takes casualties, and increases when there’s no fighting, how much depends on the experience/training level. A units effective morale is a combination of its intrinsic morale, plus the influence from surrounding units.

I wrote some explanations about morale here:

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I know I commented there but I still didn’t understand how it works​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

I realize that was cryptic :thinking:

Each unit has its own intrinsic morale that starts at 1. It is slightly decreased whenever there’s a casualty, but will slowly go back toward 1 otherwise. A unit’s effective morale is determined by its intrinsic morale but also the influence of the intrinsic morale of the surrounding units.

The influence factor depends on distance and on the training level of respective unit and the morale of the other unit.

influenceFactor = distanceFactor * (1 - other.intrinsicMorale) * (1 - unit.trainingLevel) * other.trainingLevel

The distance factor is close to 1 for nearby units and closer to 0 for units far away. At 50 meters it drops to 1/2, at 100 meters it’s 1/3, and so on.

distanceFactor = 50 / (50 + distance)

The training levels are:

0.5 for ashigaru
0.8 for samurai
0.9 for general

I still don’t really understand​:hushed::hushed::hushed::confused::confused::confused::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::see_no_evil:

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