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Move all unit’s function

it would be nice to have a move all United function. When you plot a point and your army will move to that area. For example if I have my troops in a formation but I need to move, let’s say to higher ground, then I click on the center of the formation and the whole formation moves to a location I have move the center to. Also a rotate all units would be useful and make gameplay even better. Thank you. :).


You can mark and move all units at once! There is also a way to aim them all at once, but I will let you figure that one out by yourself! Or maybe someone else would like to help out!?

can you tell me how to do that?

I could do that!

The box function by double tapping a unit. But it sucks. Total war does it WAY better than Samurai wars does by enabling to turn a formation made up several units at once. But in samurai wars you can’t do that with the soldier units turning but the formation not. There is nothing like your kind of multiselection for you pal I’m afraid.

You click and hold on one unit for a second, then tap on every other unit you also want to move. Once there all selected ,you move them by dragging any of the selected units to wherever you want.