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Mroz dynasty of SOF clan


This is the Mroz dynasty or just a chatting area for SOF clan and others here you can talk about anything you’d like but I suggest that it’d be SOF related anyone is welcome



U kinda just copied the imperium of man banner.


Image result for imperium of man flag


Scipio made it at my request


It’s supposed to be based the polish Mid evil flag


sons-of-the-fallen-guards has no results shows.


There is no such thing as sons of the fallen guards its just sons of the fallen


Arent you gona put your house up boom and also get a flag


I know you even put a like on Centurion’s frustration comment along with No Mas. You are never to be forgiven.


Working on that


Look guys I don’t want this to be a place for arguing this is a place for recruitment and discussions about the house and clan


Well my good friend do you forget you betrayed TRR and joined HSC so you cant really talk


Hello Mroz it’s me the Banzai guy I created an account already this is it


I will join


My brother is also joining.Thank you,From HailTheSlayer


Welcome aboard


Tell your men to add [SOF] and I guess your last name or your flag as profile so we know each house


Like within what time would you anticipate us seeing action or something.


Organized offensives will come in the future