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My Friend Napoleon Doesnt like to lose

My phone started glitching with slowness and here is what happened

ma boy it’s just a game Viva le

You are ridiculous. Change your phone and your brain. Both are seriously gliching. :man_facepalming:

I have a phone it just had to much ping

Plus I have beat people with glitches

Not worth my time… Next!

@chikacrni what do you think about this

About what? That french asshole is irritating as allways…

I beat him but my phone was very slow

"Meet my cav plz I’m gliching so I will play later"
That is what you wrote… everyone can see it on the screenshot you posted man… Lol enough said I said.

You and crini are special ones you shall create a new clan called "imaginary victories"
Get your shit together. You don’t need that kind of lowness to win against me, I’m not that good

I wasn’t glitching that’s what I call it when I my ping drops

Not worth my time… Next!

And u r a lying piece of shit!

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The relentless mythoman clan:

With general “crini” runaways bitch (anyone wanting to see what a real lyer is , go to “bitch runaway slave” forum with all supporting evidence to show who is a dirty full of shit lyer :shushing_face:)

And " the horse lord" a low tier player whose only sklll is to harass opponent with such a poor connection that they end up leaving the game prematurely. It would be OK if he was not such an unskilled mythoman

Voilà. Qui se ressemble, s’assemble comme on dit.


Pussy frog, Pussy frog ,Pussy frog, can’t even take a dam joke, getting all hyped over no shit,he likes to whine over a joke,ma boy crini is his enemy, kicks his ass by the daily,all I did was a glitch joke,but he can’t even take that shit, you couldn’t really call him Napoleon, cuz Napoleon wouldn’t be complaining,and that’s all I gotta say right now,and I’ll battle you whenever even if I lost I wouldn’t care cuz I’m not a pussy little whinner. Rithem is Gucci gang

Hummmm… Okayyyy… I think That concludes this fascinating debate. Enough time wasted with your "jokes " … I’m here to fight not to kid around with retarded screenshot, false statements… Unlike you, no-one will ever see Napoléon posting a victory screenshot or the like, except when notoriously dishonest players falsely accuse him… Those will recognize themselves

Runaway slaves are the few strong among the ones opressed by evil who dare to brake free you lowlife cunt!

Lol I gues you will never play on territory map lol

Are you scared to lose again?

I’ll play you I don’t care to loose :joy:

hate the french style battles
joke hahahahaah :grinning::grin::joy::grinning::grin::joy::grinning::grin::joy::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: