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My maps dont save changes


in map editor it doesn’t save my changes when i further Edit a previously edited map i can’t saber my change. I edited the water in the map to clean dark spots out of the map i then i exit come back and the edit is undone @nikodil




Haven’t been on in a while doesn’t look like I missed much


It doesn’t work at all, or just for some maps? I’m aware that small adjustments sometimes won’t save, and this is because the map is saved as a compressed png image, and the compression removes some of the fine detail. To solve that I need to use another non-lossy file format.


Ok that must be the problem its pretty annoying i have a map i like and have to keep having to retouch it everytime


Ok now i know what it is its the bandade and pencil tool that doesn’t save, the dark spots in the water doesn’t save it works but when saved it doesnt work


Do you have a screenshot?


No i just created a new map then i went to map and all the spots i cleaned up with bandaid and pencil didn’t save



I fix the red circle using the tools the red arrows then i save it then it turns back to the unedited version


I’ve done some more testing and this seems to be a problem only on Android. Probably something with PNG compression, I’ll check


Found out what the problem is: Android insists on using premultiplied alpha images which interferes with the encoding of maps. I’ll do a new build tomorrow.


Sounds :+1: great job on the game