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My pings are always high


My pings are always high then it kicks me out then lets me back in. It started after i updated is there anything you can do @nikodil they are now normally always at 130+, before i updated it was never at that range there now normally at 300 400 range on average and they quickly jump to 1000 when i engage


What is a ping?


@nikodil still not sure why my pings are so high


what is “pings”?


@nikodil please fix the ping problem its impossible to play i cant even play a game without it crashing or pings jumping to the 10s of 1000nds so I’m not able to play till i can actually engage without it kicking me out. This is unfortunate due to this being the only game i play


(back from holidays and a cold, catching up with the forum posts)

@Centurion1 I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem myself. I’ll go through the server logs to see if I can find any clues. If possible, could you try to see if there’s a difference between WiFi and Cellular connection?

Anyone else having troubles with this?


@chikacrni Ping is a measure of network latency, that is, the number of milliseconds it takes for a network packet to travel between the client device and the server. In the game it’s displayed in the lower left corner. Pings between 100 and 150 is good and below 200 ok. Above 300 is not good and above 400 is bad. If it reaches 1000 something is wrong.


Thank you…I have allways seen it at the bottom left, had no idea what it was!


I think I’ve found out the cause of this, turned out not to be network related but something with the internal event/message handling. Not sure how to fix it yet, need to do some more tests first.


Ok thanks. I did notice that when a message was sent the pings jumped higher


I have had 9000 ping


Me, never had any ping problem


Hows that ping going cent? People been asking about you, nobody giving away free tips when ur gone! I dunno what to tellem…


I’m still working on resolving the ping issue. It’s fixable, but I need to rewrite parts of the messaging mechanism, and I also want to make sure I completely understand what’s going on.


Do you have any idea why some are affected and others not? If it can be explained to a dummy non programer!


I think it’s mostly depending on the device performance. There might be other factors, and I’m experimenting with different implementations to learn more.


If it helps to problemseek my device is old ipad4 with ios10 software and I havent had that problem!


It happened to me, 4000 (14000) ping! But I have to say it really felt like it was network-connected! I was at an airport and wifi was bad! The game was glitching bad, armies disappeared, whole or parts of them and also the usual glitches…bad! But network…


Успокой се, сър.Please calm down.


Yeah all my games are going to shit units keep vanishing and popping back up and it’s glitching and kicking me out need a fix or path or whatever it’s called