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Name is still Player#xxxx

Why does the game still mention me as Player#0785?

There could be issue with the login process. Could you describe what happens, does it change the name and revert back to Player#xxxx? Did you use Remember Me?

I’m not sure if there are chances that only other players see my username and I don’t. I don’t login just fine either way even typing my username. Not exactly sure what’s wrong in why I cannot see my username and instead get “Player#xxxx”
Maybe it just takes long or something.


Still in the game it still has me named “Player#xxxx” as opposed to here where it’s different.

I think I’ve identified a problem with the login, not 100% sure yet, but I’ll continue to investigate and have this fixed asap.

Then it must be my actual name I have to set up. Which site did you set up your name? It doesn’t seem to work with Facebook so far.

Aha! thanks, I finally found out was the problem was, fix is on the way
Yup, when fullname was blank it reverted to Player#xxxx, should work now, try again