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Naval Battle mode


Who thinks it would be fun to have Naval battles? I think this could be fantastic .
There could be different advantages and disadvantages of ships. Such as speed, damage, and endurance.


The japanese, although good at many forms of warfare, were not at all competent in naval warfare at that time. They mostly rely on boarding parties and muskets, whereas some other sovereign kingdoms already had gunships with cannons.

This would later be a catastrophic technical disadvantage after the Warring States Era of Japan, where they were soundly defeated by an outnumbered naval force in their invasion of Korea.


Though i do agree that naval battles would be fun. Perhaps it should be set in another era and place.



It’s true that Japanese during the Sengoku Period weren’t great seafarers, but many battle occured in shallow waters in between Japans many islands and wide rivers (which could make for some cool terrain).


They had to be somewhat good at naval warfare to try invading north Korea. Which is about one hundred miles away, but even if they weren’t he could still have a battle of angolp’o scenario between Korea and japan.


Or any of the naval battles of the Japanese invasion.


That was in the early 1900’s. The Sengoku period occurred from 1467 to 1600 (roughly).


The invasion of korea that im taking about was from 1592-1598.
The battle of angolp’o itself was in 1592.


I mean, Am i not right?


Fair enough. Yet that would be cutting it pretty close.


Yeah, i was aware of that.


Still, a naval mode is a little out there, but maybe naval units that can only go in water terrain and can pass through water, they could contain ranged units eg. archers muskets or cannons and could offload melee units or load up units onto the battlefield. These would only be taken out by ranged units, but would be extremely vulnerable to cannons. Maybe they could be vulnerable to flaming arrows if they ever arrive in future?