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Neo-Primitivist state of Ococori

I have now formed or at least began the formation of the neo-primitivist state of Ococori. I’ll update or etc soon, Recruitment:
The recruitment process is simple, just have discord and agree to join the SW server as well as the clan server and place your role in the servers as listed by either thrùzān or myself. You will then be placed into a live battle with a single tactic chosen at random from a list against you. You will have to prove that you can perform at least adequately on the battlefield. If you fail you still stand a chance at getting in as a vote will be held on whether or not your actions were acceptable. If you succeed in victory on the battlefield a vote will be held for your initial rank and what system you will be placed into. Once per week battle games are held, four random members will be chosen and be pitted against each other, based on a vote up to two victors will be chosen on victory status, and those will be awarded promotions within the state of Ococori, the laws and rules are simple, attend the training sessions if you are told to do so unless the time is pesky to your job or etc, such as if it happens to be during work hours or a touchy time. If anyone has any problems they can place it with their respected evidence to either myself or the second in command, this is until we vote on an official statement of required conduct and the punishments for breaking them. As of now I will not upload an image or etc nor any background information as I have not gotten that far.