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New beta build available (180728.1610)


I have been reworking the internals of the match setup process. Previously practice mode, the sandbox, and online matches were handled very differently. Not anymore. There are now four different scenarios: “practice”, “sandbox”, “default”, and “custom”. Each scenario type determines what units to spawn (and the practice scenario also controls the movement of the enemy units) and the victory conditions or score keeping rules. With the new matchmaking architecture it will be possible to add new scenario / game modes in the future. All scenario types can be played both in offline and online mode. Currently, hosting a match online requires early access. Note: the hosting service is still work in progress, and works best when all players are running the latest beta.

Another change, frequently asked for in reviews, is that the game no longer requires an Internet connection to run! At least in offline mode. The online mode will require a bit more work, perhaps involving pigeons or pneumatic tubes.

I’ve also fixed quite a number of crashes and glitches.


Felix but now im player#6877 it wont show Scipio Africanus any more


How do I get early access?


@TheHorseLord What happens when you start up or try to sign on? Do you see the login page?


@One_Man_Army Currently, you can support the game on Anyone that previously supported the game on Patreon still have early access.


No i dont its all normal qnd btw can I battle other players on custom match


I have a android I still donated tho so does that mean when it comes out for android I get my credit?


@One_Man_Army Thanks, you’re able to host with current beta, on both web, android, and ios. Note: You need to sign in, and make sure that your email address on matches your account here. (You can add multiple addresses on Itch if you need to.)


@TheHorseLord OK, I’ll investigate. What Android version are you using? And what device model?


I have Alcatel Idol 3


And version is 180728.1610. And what is war stage account


That is the account that you use to sign into the game I believe. Sometimes you have to disable add blocker to log in.


It wont let me in it Say’s wrong password or user name btw how do I disable add blocker


Ad blocker is mainly a problem on the desktop, shouldn’t be a problem on mobile. If it says “wrong password or username” then it looks like it is almost working. Are you able to login to on Chrome from the same device?


Ya hay but when I host match it doesnt work no one can see me


I’m also having the same login problem


I remember having trouble logging in when I first started. Idk if it is the same issue now. I was just able to log out then log back in on both my computer and phone.

The easiest way is probably to go log into the forum on the computer first Click login on the top. For me, it was my username, “Noremac” and then my password. This was confusing to me when I first started because I had another account that was created by my android game system or something. This should be the same for the phone version.

Logging into from the computer is when you need to disable adblock.


I got it now it’s the name on forum an password


I did it but my profile wont come on the playing part


Yes, that’s right, you can use the forum account name or email. And to make sure it registers your donations, the forum email address needs to match your primary or additional emails on Itch (Account Settings > Email addresses).