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New beta build available (180731.2044)


Changed since the last build:

  • fixed hosting matches with custom maps
  • fixed some issuers with the login screen

New beta build available (180728.1610)

Hay how can I play for full host a match and not haft to pay a dollar every 10 days


Btw when will you make the game that we voted for


There’s a monthly cost for running the servers, so it would not be possible for me to have a one-time fee for hosting. Joining games will still be free, but hosting will need to be subscription based.

There’s still quite a lot of work to get the game and hosting service running smoothly. I would love to start working on new game modules, but I must restrain myself and focus on getting the current features set done first. Early access will last until the end of the year, so that’s a rough estimate.


I found another bug with hosting custom maps in this version. It seems that the access token for uploads expires after one hour and after that the map upload fails. I’m working on a fix, but a work-around is to restart the game if playing for more than one hour.


Just to let you know I was hosting a custom match AND while I was waiting on someone to join I spectated another match and it let me control one players troops


Hay lets battle


Lets battle


Was it a 1v1 match? Was it the green or red player?


It was a 1v1 and it showed them as blue


hmm, blue, that was an interesting clue :thinking:


Also while hosting a 3v3, 1vs1vs1 it wont let my units lock it works most times but happends frequent


It all sounds wonderfull, but for us with ios 10 I guess we have to observe the wonderfull changes from far…


How to you mean “unit lock”?


It happens to me to they won’t follow enemy troops when you charge them


Here’s a screen shot of what I was telling you


Also the deployment time doesn’t activate on custom