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New beta build available (180802.1955)


Changes since the last build:

  • fixed a crash introduced a 100% crash!
  • fixed problem with hosting tokens expiring after one hour and after that you would need to restart to host custom maps
  • fixed forum loading with better feedback and it no longer freezes the screen
  • relaxed iOS requirements, the game now installs on 10.0 or later

bad build, new one is in progress


It keeps force stopping on me when i try to host


Or when im in the middle of a battle the previous build did not


I can’t even start the app it keeps stopping and force closing


Mine does to its frustrating


@nikodil the force stop seems to be on a timer or somthing, maybe when you start to do alot i dont know but when i edit a map it 1.frezzes then 2.force stop within a few minutes/actions into the edit of the map.


I can’t login to my war stage account I’m able to on everything else but that I even reset my password an still didn’t work


Big oops, the “fixed a crash” thing was actually the opposite, new build is in progress…


New build is up. I did some quick tests and didn’t notice any problems logging in, if you still have problems with that let me know.


Had to uninstall the app then it let me sign in


Also it keeps crashing, i have no problem logging in what so ever but the game crashes consistantly every 15 20 min its extreamly frustrating i can bearly play it crashes in the middle of games or a map edit the previous build worked perfect for me this one is extreamly bugged with force stops.