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New build of iOS/Android/Web (170801.1945)

  • Fixed rendering of weapons
  • Fixed crash that sometimes happened when tapping on units in the sandbox

Android: available on Google Play now
iOS: available in TestFlight now and on the App Store (as version 34) as soon as it has been approved (1-2 days).


Update: the build has now been approved for the App Store.


The chat words dont disappear it obstructs my view when i mute it dont go away the mute sighn stays in the middle of screen


I’m not able to reproduce that problem. Anything else stopped working apart from the mute panel not closing? What device model and OS version are you using?


Os Marshmallow 6.0.1 moble device lg x power. ok its not a huge deal i just cant chat to much or have to hope no one else does cause then i have to stop the game and get out in order for it to go away is there somthing im not doing that i should be to make mute sign go away or is it supposed to go away once i click it