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New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170312.2007)

New feature in this build: unit selection and group movement!

I’ve reworked the command gestures. Basic movement is like before, but now you can:

  • single tap on a unit to select or deselect
  • tap and hold to select all nearby units
  • move all selected units with a single gestures

Please try out and comment.

Other fixes in this build:

  • Fixed crash when uploading photos to the forum (iOS)
  • Pause music when app moves to background (Android)

(Note: The Android version is ready, but I couldn’t upload it because of a technical issue with app versioning on the Goggle Play Store, will resolve that tomorrow.)

The web version can be found here:


IMPORTANT: Because of an unfortunate mistake I made when choosing versioning scheme in combination with Google changing some technical policies, I’m not able to update the app in the Play Store. Really frustrating, but well, shit happens, and I need to move on, so I’ve made a new app for Samurai Wars.

The new Android app is currently in open beta testing. To download, visit this link:


Will they move in formation or can you adjust the group’s formation once it is already in a group?

Is there only one goup or could there be multiple groups ?

There’s no concept of grouping (yet). You can select and move multiple units at once, but the units still move individually. I’m thinking about how to add group formations, but as that will require changes to the simulation engine and not just the user interface, it’s a separate thing.

Thanks Niklas

Status update: The Android version needs to be processed by the Google Play Store, don’t know how long it will take, but I’ll get back as soon as it’s ready.

To download the Android version, visit this link:

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Alright, this new build is GREAT! The gestures are 100% better and smoother. There are no problems with the gestures, just the group control. Just here are the little problems I have noted.

  1. When you move a none selected unit, the previously selected unit moves with it. This could be related to this next point.

  2. If I select a unit and wait 20+ seconds, I can still select another unit to join that specific group. I think there should be a timer between the period that you can continue to add units to the group. Say for example, if you don’t select another unit within 5 secs, then it will start another group. I would think 10 secs is good.

  3. When moving several units this occurs when you charge them at the enemy.

    When the units are grouped close together, they successfully attack the unit, however when they are fairly spaced, they don’t.

  4. When I move the camera, the units deselect.

  5. The formation doesn’t stay true to the direction you end up facing. When you move the entire group in a formation, that formation can not be rotated to the direction you need it to be. The concept that needs to be used is that the group is a single unit, so you should be able to rotate that unit as if it where one.

  6. When you try to multi select really fast, it doesn’t work.

  7. While units are sprinting, you can not select and for a group while they sprint.

  8. When you move the group, and then move the destination arrow… the units will run back to their starting location before they start the route you want them to take.