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New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170315.2153)

  • fixed some issues with unit selection and command gestures
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Hi. Cool thanks for making the game better!

It seems to me this version is more stable and runs smoother than the previous. This version booted in a mere -4 secs on the iPad 4th generation with the latest. The selection process is now much smoother and defined.

  1. Solved When you move a none selected unit, the previously selected unit moves with it. This could be related to this next point.

  2. Solved If I select a unit and wait 20+ seconds, I can still select another unit to join that specific group. I think there should be a timer between the period that you can continue to add units to the group. Say for example, if you don’t select another unit within 5 secs, then it will start another group. I would think 10 secs is good.

  3. When moving several units this occurs when you charge them at the enemy.

    When the units are grouped close together, they successfully attack the unit, however when they are fairly spaced, they don’t.

  4. (Probably not an issue) When I move the camera, the units deselect.

  5. The formation doesn’t stay true to the direction you end up facing. When you move the entire group in a formation, that formation can not be rotated to the direction you need it to be. The concept that needs to be used is that the group is a single unit, so you should be able to rotate that unit as if it where one.

  6. Solved When you try to multi select really fast, it doesn’t work.

  7. While units are sprinting, you can not select and for a group while they sprint.

  8. Solved When you move the group, and then move the destination arrow… the units will run back to their starting location before they start the route you want them to take.

  9. You can’t aim grouped units onto a single target yet.


Great feedback, thanks!

I will improve the functionality for commanding units as a group (keeping the group formation and orientation while moving, charging, rotating, and aiming), but will have to add some other features first (such as the command bar).

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Alright man, you the bomb. :grinning:


I do not recall this happening before… I just noticed this now…
Now when I command a unit to sprint, then immediately drag another stationary unit both units drag as if they were both selected.


Thanks man Appreciate Your Hard work Keep it up! <3