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New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170327.2002)

Changes in this build:

  • temporarily disabled the new selection controls
  • improved sandbox, fixed commands and morale and added unit types
  • lobby chat starts hidden in practice and sandbox mode
  • fixed sound volume control on Android

This is a release candidate build, so if nothing critical shows up in the next few days I will go ahead and release it. I will resume working on the new controls and other stuff after the release (I think I have an idea how to solve the complaints I’ve got about the controls, but we’ll see).

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Issues reported in this build:

  • visibility of facing arrow indicator in online matches
  • units should keep sprinting when aiming or changing facing
  • problem with chat messages sometimes not showing

The first two area easy to fix, and chat is critical so I will need to fix that one too before releasing.

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Is it okay to ask for smaller icons , i just hate it when they clump up and get all messed up

Do you have a screen shot that illustrates what happens?

Difficult to do , usually because im in the middle of microing a ton of units , its very annoying when i move a unit instead of redirecting it’s shots from screening cav to its proper target, that and sometimes thicker formations other than one liner formations get jumbled up pretty easily because i have difficulty facing them when there is another unit covering it’s aiming triangle

I meant using the sandbox, so that I know how it looks like with that particular screen size and resolution and zoom level.