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New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170328.2107)

Changes in this build:

  • the little facing arrow indicators are back
  • units keep sprinting when aiming or changing facing
  • minor tweaks to unit placing
  • minor tweaks to unit gesture sensivity

This is release candidate 2. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem with missing chat messages yet. I will continue to test, but I might release anyway unless it proves to be a frequent problem.

@Fireweaver32 I didn’t adjust the icon sizes, but I did some adjustments to the sensitivity, please test and let me know if it solves your problem or not.

Just pointing out the arrows for red team is colored blue

Status update:
The Android version has now been release:
The iOS version has been submitted and is waiting for review.

Great, so now we have a new stable release. :smile:
Time for some group control action…


Thanks @nikodil :smiley:

Status update:
The iOS version has now been released too.

An even newer update (170330.2055) that fixes the double-tap to halt has been built and submitted, will arrive soon on Android, and within about a day on iOS.

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Thx @nikodil