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New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170701.1511)

Finally the beta is now stable enough!

New things in this build:

  • There is now a command bar at the bottom of the screen for issuing halt, walk, run commands for selected units as well as hold and fire commands for missile units.
  • The map editor tools has also moved to the command bar, and there is now support for undo/redo. And tapping other user interface buttons no longer modifies the map underneath.
  • Double tap a unit to activate multi-unit selections. You can then select additional units to move/command them all at once.
  • Because of the new command bar and multi-unit selections, there have been slight changes to the command gestures: for example double-tap then move will still cause the unit to run, but to halt you now need to use the Halt command button. I hope the new gestures are intuitive and easy to use, but please try it out and give feedback.
  • I’ve also made some performance improvements, and the game should now run in 60 fps on most modern devices. On older devices, there are still room for improvements and I will need to continue optimise the code. If you get anything less than 30 fps, please report what os and device you’re using.

And as always, please report bugs, glitches and feedback here, and help me improve this game.


iPad mini 2 (lol), 30 fps when there’s like more than 5 units.

I wanna join


@nikodil u should make it so u can hide units in forest and add atillary and that people can’t just break through your Troops and add more maps and the morale and each unit and if they r tired and make units actually move not float and add shield samurai had and shield and after that Do the shieldwall so the can be protected from archers and they can’t break through units or push through them without alot of casualty’s through the unit. Thx and add sieges If u can thx

If i mean if i mean at the end

And the \(^o^)/ (ノ^o^)ノ └(★o★)┐ (〜^∇^)〜

am getting 3 fps and using the LG riso

@nikodil I doubled tap the unit nothing happen only thing that happen is a circle come around it.

When I click play pannel there is no host game

@nikodil there no host game in pannel I have beta where host game please fix

Hosting custom games requires Early Access to premium services, see

@nikodil can i have it for free please

@H20delrious1 You can pledge as much or little as you want and you’ll get credits for everything you pledge, so it’s already as free as it can get.

@nikodil I did not get that lol

What do you mean

He means that you can pay just a mere dollar once and get the Early Access forever.

@Thruzan battle me plez

… or until the development phase ends, whichever comes first :grin:

HEY @nikodil the beta has made my sandbox is crashing my game every time I enter that mode