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New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (180219.2243)


New beta build is up. Focus for this round is stability and performance, need to get those sorted before moving on to new features. Help me find those bugs, report them here so that I can fix them.

The loading and login process has been rewritten. It should now be possible to play the game offline, at least map editing and practice. Getting online play to work offline turned out to be tricky, so I need to think how to solve that one.

For iOS, Sign up for beta here
Note: I’ve cleaned the beta list of old emails, if you signed up but haven’t received a notification, please sign up again.

Android beta can be join directly from the Play Store.

Web version is here:


Hi there, hope all is well with u!! There seem to be a major problem playing today! When both press “ready” a game doesn’t start! And I do not see any started games either so I think it’s not only me who is being “punished”!

Kind regards


Now I saw what looked like an ingame message, “go around the back” in the lobby chat…Whats going on!?


Your right


U cant play aswell Scipio?


No I couldn’t but it fixed after a while


Same here!


OK, that was a server glitch


Thanks for the reply!


How do i build a map for ios






Look Felix, I cant find u on patreon…I find some finnish composer n three other guys that u are a patreon of…how the hell do I donate to sw!? Damn its got to be hard…


I come to this page and do not know how to proceed from there! Snälla hjälp…