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New build of iOS beta (160728.2034)

There’s a new beta for iOS. In this build the user interface has been completely rewritten from scratch (now using html). Lot of code changes and there are several known issues, so use at your own risk. But please report any glitches you find here, and I’ll try to resolve them as quickly as possible. Map editor is now operational.


Hey man! Great job!
There are many bugs tho…

  1. The touch doesn’t respond well to quick drags/touches.
  2. It takes 20 sec to load compared to the previous 5 sec load time.
  3. I get redirected to my browser when I try to log into the forums with Google.
  4. The practice button is in the upper left corner behind the chat button.
  5. I can not press the practice button.
  6. I don’t know how to save my map… Other wise the map editor is perfect!
  7. I only see the guest pictures for everyone… No custom profile pics…
  8. When I type in the chat… The letter appear 5 secs after I type it…
  9. On the right where the matches are listed… The names and pictures are too close together.
  10. While watching a match… I rotated the screen twice and the screen became completely white. It didn’t fix itself, I had to restart the app.
  11. The screen went white for no reason this time… I was chatting and it happened.
  12. Now the game closes/crashes upon opening the app. White screen then boom… Crash.

13. After uninstalling and reinstalling the beta app today, the touch responsiveness was perfect for about a minute. Then it became as before.
14. Now the chat transparent background is a bit to the right and isn’t on the left as it should be.

Also when I downgraded to commercial version, the commercial version kept crashing and disconnecting. I had to delete and reinstall the whole app for it to work like normal.




Just downloaded the beta and played around with it for an hour or so today. Some thoughts:
-zooming with the camera is laggy and slow, frustratingly slow in MP matches although not unplayable
-the two blue tools in the workshop don’t respond to anything
-no way to save/export maps once you’ve finished building them
-profile pictures do not load, instead it loads the generic “gravatar” icons
-loading maps is slower
-logging into my account is way slower, sometimes never happens (so I show up as “player”)
-the game tends to freeze

Overall I very much enjoyed the update. The menu looks much cleaner and is still very easy for me to navigate, although newer players often become disenfranchised by it.

I would still love to see customizable armies and a more developed practice sessions.

Edit: forgot to add that I am on iOS 9 I believe, I can check if it matters.
Thanks for the support on a great game!

The blue tools are for water… One is to place/remove water and the other makes the water shallow so units can pass thru… They work great, just figure out the tools uses… Lol


By rewriting it in html it is now much easier to develop the user interface, extending and adding new features. However, mixing html (for panels and buttons) and OpenGL (for the battle map) is not trivial, and as you report there are some obscure issues with touch gestures and responsiveness that I need to resolve before I can release the update.

Although custom map hosting works fine (if you’re on Early Access), saving maps actually won’t be implemented until the next update.

I’ll work on the issues you’ve reported and plan on doing a new beta build during the next week.


On my end, the tools do not respond to water or any other terrain. Perhaps it’s just my tablet or a bad download of the beta.

What happens? Can you edit elevation and trees? Can you select both pen tool and the water terrain feature? Note that you can only add fords where there’s water already.

So I really like the editor, but a few things:

-First off, what does the pointer finger do? I wasn’t sure what that was for
-I really think maybe an undo button could be of use (not sure if that would work well but still think it could be really useful at times)
-my finger started to hurt from rubbing my screen lol but I think that’s more of a user issue than editor issue

  • Finally I’m pretty sure this has been mentioned but a save feature would be nice (I think you said that is next update, but I still wanted to include it)
    -The game tends to be a little slower and occasionally freezes which results in me having to close and reopen the app

Anyway I’ve only been usin the beta for about 2 hours and will comment anything else that I notice about the beta. It’s lookin good tho :+1:


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The finger is a smear or smooth tool. You can use it to smooth out the terrain or it can be used as a “copy” tool by nudging repeatedly on some direction. Best way to understand is to try it out on say a hill. Undo is on the to-do list but I currently don’t know exactly when I will implement it.

The responsiveness issues are top priority.


A few more things I’ve noticed after a few hours of beta
-every time I open the app I have to re-login for the forums,it’s not hard but still a small nuisance and definitely shouldn’t be a high priority just pointing it out
-I’ve found that the cause of the freezing is when you get a notification and pull down to view it (say I get a txt msg and pull down on the notification to respond, once I respond and move the notification away the screen will be frozen) I hope that made sense

That’s the only stuff I’ve noticed besides what was previously mentioned

EDIT- Something I noticed, on the previous version I noticed that only chat with players in your game showed up, did you take that out? Because now i see all the chat which is both a gift and a curse; it’s nice to see what everyone is sayin, but it can get in the way and be distracting



For me, the water tools re just very unresponsive. The other tools seem to be working fine for the most part. However, since about yesterday it has become impossible for me to create/join matches. The buttons change colors as if to acknowledge that I’m pressing them, but do not bring up any of the menus to actually join a match, select practice/map editing, etc. this has rendered the game essentially unplayable. My brother, who does not have the beta, does not have this problem so I’m assuming it’s simply an issue there.

Yes, makes perfect sense that these kind of context switches are potiential causes of trouble. I’ll test it out.

It’s on the to-fix list, so that it will work as it did in previous version.


Could be a performance problem if you are using an older device. I’ve noticed that editing is a bit sluggish and needs to be optimized.

Even if you quit the app (double tapping the home button) and restart?

Very cool
Can’t wait for when we can save maps and invite others to new maps very neat how you did this

Everything is working for me tools and all caught on quickly too very simple yet fun this game just keeps getting better and better masterpiece !!

The recent update was great! Though made the game a bit more slow and laggy. Before the update I felt the controls just fine and even comfortable. Now the controls react soooooo slowly and rigidly I cant get over it. Just a silly request. Is it possible to take out the thingy where movement orders arent locked by enemy units around? It is hard to pull back my archers during close combats…
The map edit is great! Though the rough controls make it hard to something.
Also, making flat ground is nearly impossible. Different brushes like in “Stranded Deep”'s map edit would be great. An “undo” button would be helpful (so many mistakes I made!)
Anyways, thank you so much for your constant work! This update was awesome!

Yes, I’m working on resolving responsiveness issues and will do a new build soon. The suggestions are all good ones and have been added to the to-do list.

Was just testing out the new beta and I experienced all of the problems listed above, and some more

  1. Sometimes if I was typing the send/return button would become unusable and I wouldn’t be able to leave the chat, so I would be force to restart the game

  2. Sometimes games would lag out and I would join the same game but with the home interface overplayed on top of it

  3. When games worked, were very clunky and tough to go through

  4. Loading game would take forever

Eventually all the problems took their tolls on me and I just couldn’t go on XD

I don’t know how to use the. map feature, is it still Patreon ppl only?

Custom map hosting is a premium feature, it works in the current build as well as the web version if you’re on Early Access.

I figured it out! It’s so awesome, but I would like there to be a flat map so you can make stuff