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New build of iOS beta (160913.2038)

In this build, I’ve managed to get a first version unit selection working. Map selection works as before (but with less glitches):

The player hosting the game may select the type and number of units. Both sides get the same amount, and units are randomly assigned to each player on the team.

There’s no hard limit on the number of players or the number of units. I’m not sure what’s possible in practice without too much lag, so please go ahead and stress test this if you like. Please report your findings here.

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Will these options be available on the Android game?

Yes, they will be available on Android, but I’m focusing on getting the iOS version stable first.

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I have the iOS beta version on the TestFlight but I don’t have this update now. How can I get it?

The build version is displayed in to lower left corner. If it’s not 160913.2038, then you should be able to download that version using the TestFlight app.

I have this version but I can’t see a button on the bottom left corner for custom battles

Hosting is a premium feature, and available once you sign up for Early Access. That will give you access to the desktop version as well.

It seems I’ve introduced a glitch where maps are switched and units are spawned twice. Please report any experiences here to help me track it down.

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Build 160921.2102 is now up, fixing the above glitch, and a potential freeze/crash on startup.

When will this options be avaible

i did about 80 calvary units on my laptop with 4 players. little laggy but worked good…

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How do I create a game or join one

Tap on one of the games that have a ? In a box that will take you in and to create/host support the patreon of this game and you will have access

How do I get the las test version of the beta?

Install the TestFlight and use it to install the game. You’ll get notified in TestFlight and by mail whenever there’s a new beta version.


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