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New build of Web beta (170821.1916)


I’m in the process of redesigning and rewriting the user interface. It still needs some polishing before I can push it to the official beta, but here is a playable sneak preview if you dare to try:

I’ve tried to streamline the match setup and head-up information, to make it less cluttered and more consistent and flexible. There is now a navigable sidebar panel for setting up matches and managing maps, etc. You can show and hide the match details panel with the (i) button in the titlebar, and exit the match with the (x) button.

The in-game chat has been improved with some long needed features. There are now a lobby channel as well as a match channel, and you can switch between channels with the two buttons in the titlebar.

The match channel now supports team messages (the “lock” icon). Note that such messages are “scrambled” so the team mate needs the new version to be able to read a team message.

Also note that logging in currently only works with Firefox (other browsers won’t work until I’ve rewritten the authentication process).


An upgrade to the apps would help out a lot
players online says its always around 10-30 players and it stays that way…before as I kept playing in the same session it would go up sometime past 100 but now it never does and it keeps the competition to a minimum…it kinda blows


Here’s a post with more info on the improvements: