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New Game its gona be sorta like game of thrones


Hay guys I am going to be making a game like territory wars but with a few different rules and a map that isn’t the world map it’s Gina be like a story about all of us except a fantasy world kinda like Lord of the rings and game of thrones


@Noremac. @Grayrider64 @GeneralNapoleon. @chikacrni. @Almighty @Eric_alexder_theg8 @One_Man_Army @Lotus_Platoon @MisukiChosokabe @Haiderkhan


Lol i mean i dont wanna play the whole fantacy thing just aint for me sorry you can include me in in some undirect way if you want but as far as me playing i likely won’t


Sure I’m in


So I will add you as shadow empire right on and just give me logo for your clan unless you want me to make one just ask




Are you going to add me?


I will add your clan


U kow me…l dont like these games…I just like to battle


Well guys if you join pick your banner Free-Folk-Main-Shield250px-House-Forrester-Main-Shield



So what will you guys clan bannrrs be @Eric_alexder_theg8


I want the 3 headed dragon


Im not playing


OK ARF gets dragon




Dont like fantacy games


Well territory wars is fantasy all if you think about it


The map is just gonna be a map of pangea


Ya its all fantacy just the whole orc dragon thing just doesnt intrest me sorry but i like the movies. Idk if your game looks fun though and functions good ill play but i like the fact in my game is there locations its actual places in time and geography


I wasn’t gonna add dragons it’s same as territory wars except with a map like pangea and was gonna add like made up names rules ar similar to territory wars but you start out with 50 gold 2 castles and a few forts and a gold mine that gives you 5 gold every Sunday and you can upgrade defenses with 25 gold that’s each defence if you would like to give me suggestions I’d be happy to hear them