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New rise of Oda clan


I RedCrusader announce the reincarnation of Oda clan and nominate myself as the daimyo. It is time that the people of Owari province take up the sword and fight to survive in these dark times of chaos.

I Need you to join the Oda clan and return it to it’s former glory.
There are five great castles in the lands we rule. Of course the great nagoya castle which I have chosen to be my headquarters. As there are four more castles I need four loyal samurai warriors to rule them and their surroundings.
It is up to you will you become one of the warriors of Oda clan!

Nagoya Castle - RedCrusader (daimyo)
Kiyosu Castle - Jackel (trainee)
Komakiyama Castle -
Gifu Castle -
Iwamura Castle -


Oh hell nah


I will make a nomination of myself I challenge also a friendly greeting from me


Oh the oda clan I will leave you be but be aware I am the Daimyo of Hokkaido


As long as you don’t provoke us we can live in peace


What if a cheeky ronin were to come around and cause a ruckus?


He would be treated as a criminal


And if he were looking for a new Clan to align with?


Yo ill join SOF has gone to shit


It’s Dissolved brother…


anybody on the game


Will the Oda clan fight with the SOF ? The SOF would love to fight the Oda clan.


Are you asking that Oda clan fight with you or against you?


SOF is disbanded my friend even James said it


I mean if any of you want to lead it you can


Just disband it already it’s underwater


I guess you could say the sons of the fallen need their own sons now


Not really, SOF flag is flying strong. You can see SOF every day playing. When some guy who hardly ever turned up and hardly ever played, and when he played he hardly ever won, called himself SOF’s leader then declared it disbanded within a day, does that even matter? As long as somebody is calling himself SOF then it has not been disbanded😁


Meet me on the battlefield


Wow just wow Heinz.Heinz sauce?You just talk about people and say I hardly ever win?Oh my god kid I may have got over hundred wins especially when there are challenges.Watch your mouth.