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Nikodil you should make a how to purchase warlord pass page

People are always asking how to buy this warlord pass @nikodil

@nikodil is there a way of getting credits using playstore pay???

Currently patreon is the only option, but the plan is to add app store / play store as well.

Do you have a time line??? When this will be available

Also why is there so much crashing and unit reseting aka lagg in custom mode I can only play 1 outta 7 games comfortably when on custom mode.

With corona and everything during the spring, I haven’t been able to do much planning or regular updates. I also started a new day job this week, and a lot of time and focus has been going into preparing for that. Still, I have been able to do a lot of work on the moddability support. Actually the play store / app store integration is already implemented, and will be released together with moddability, because I felt that would make more sense. No timeline for that yet, but I’ll look into those custom mode problems next week.

What is this warlord pass? Oo