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Ococori Bank soon to open,

First branch: stocks, loans, savings accounts.

Neo-Primitivist State of Ococori’s First National Republic Bank.

Opening an account: to open an account you must have first served as either a General, a Centurion, or a Garrison Officer, or have served as a worker of a government branch. Opening fee is 1,000 Gold, after that you gain a 4.5% increase in your savings per month, an increased amount can be arranged if you invest your money into the bank for a month instead (up to 15%).

Closing an account: To close an account you must pay a fee of 500 gold.

Account bankruptcy: If your account becomes drafted (negative) such as an over due loan, you will be required to close the account and if a serious sum is owed to the bank, a vote will be held on possible punishment.

Stocks: To invest into the bank whether into loan stocks, or resource stocks of either building materials, power, metal, food, consumer goods. Each week we will post on forums of a new stocks pricings chart list, with percentage increase and or decrease. Per 1,000 gold invested into the bank your over all savings interest goes from 4.5 to 4.6 and so forth per 1,000 gold. Otherwise you can invest in stocks alone.

Loans: We give loans based on financial history with the bank of Ococori, or with United Islands Bank, with bank of Ococori we give loans of 250 gold per 500 gold invested beforehand into the bank. Another option is to be have a loan based on your service in the Royal army or the Royal elite, for every victory we can offer 250 gold. Defeats do not matter in this option.

All accounts will be made on NationsGame.Net, We heavily support other clans opening accounts as we would gladly open trade. All accounts will be made in a week’s time due to server malfunctions on the website causing a reset countdown.