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Off-topic posts from Great Conquest of Europe


You know I wonder if xeno’s pfp is actually a flower or something but it doesn’t look right to me

Great Conquest of Europe

It is an anus sir


Dude… read the terms of services and FAQs, they state that don’t post or have anything secually explicit


I may be offline for few days


Please don’t tell me where you got that pic


Does your anus look like that? In that case your colon and rectum are hanging out from heavy abuse…


He changed it


How do you know all this :nauseated_face:


There’s nothing sexual about it, pervert. It is an anus from a medical dictionary.


It is not mine sir and it is a depiction of a healthy anus.


I changed nothing, I was censored.


It’s an anus from a medical dictionary
So people can put even genitals in the forums as long as they are from legit sites and for educational purposes?
I don’t think so


Ah hello


Ya that’s true


Classic wikipedia


If you have any anatomical knowledge You can see that that is the exit of the colon that borders the rectum! They have actually had to stick a camera up a persons ass to take that picture! The anus would be him putting a picture of an asshole, and that would really be worth the censorship! But a colon…its like he put a picture of a liver or some other organ! The poor white supremacist didnt know better…as they often do…not! But he is very alert if somebody makes any spelling mistake whatsoever…


Yeah idk about that…
A healthy colon looks like this



Also crni I wonder where you learned all this


Actually I wonder how its so strange for you that I have that information! You are young people in the age of excessable knowledge…do you not spend any of your time studying the world!


I do but not other people Assholes