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Off-topic posts from Shield Factions


Maybe the saddest case I have been a witness to of somebody ragequitting…before even a single unit routed! Sad shit…that’s why the player hub is in the sad state it is in! Where is the warrior spirit in these mofers!

Shield Factions

Speaking of a player hub, this must be the only online game where players go online…to not play!


I left because i was going to my brothers house. Because get this…i have a life. And instead of leaving abruptly I decided to to complement him.
Its funny that you’re so desperate to get back at me. That you had to screen shot it and create stupid propaganda


Oh, but allow me to compliment you on your life!


Everyone is in a different situation
So its ignorant to get mad at people for doing something when you dont know the reason for why they did it.
Creating a post like this because what i did doesn’t follow your mindset, some people would say you’re a bigot


Some people, yes! But those would be the ones that are not familiar with the definition of bigotry!


“A person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions” very similar.


Oppinions? What is your oppinion that I have shown intollerance towards?


:small_airplane:Take it to the pms​:small_airplane:


Fox aka ”the riddler”


You think its outrageous for someone to quit a match not even considering the number of reasons why they do so. If someone doesn’t want to play who are you to say they cant quit. But to accuse me of “ragequitting” when you have no idea why i really quit is absolutely nonsense.


That is an interesting twist of bigotry I must say!


I never called you a bigot i said you’re close to being one. Which is true


Another failed attempt at belittling me apex.
Maybe next time ol pal.


Oh darn, I thought I made it…I came so close!


You have a real confirmation bias problem.


Also it looks a little silly when Your post is irrelevant to the original topic.


Silly me :blush:…I’m so silly


In other words I dont think people log on to not play. I believe you were talking about in the deleated post how it says there is a number of “players online” and nobody is in a match, correct? If so, Im speculating that those people are in sandbox mode,practice mode, or even in the forum. Im saying this because I highly doubt that so many players would log on to just not do anything at all.


No response? Im not surprised.