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Off-topic posts from Shield Factions


I never called you a bigot i said you’re close to being one. Which is true


Another failed attempt at belittling me apex.
Maybe next time ol pal.


Oh darn, I thought I made it…I came so close!


You have a real confirmation bias problem.


Also it looks a little silly when Your post is irrelevant to the original topic.


Silly me :blush:…I’m so silly


In other words I dont think people log on to not play. I believe you were talking about in the deleated post how it says there is a number of “players online” and nobody is in a match, correct? If so, Im speculating that those people are in sandbox mode,practice mode, or even in the forum. Im saying this because I highly doubt that so many players would log on to just not do anything at all.


No response? Im not surprised.


I would like to hear what you have to say.


I have nothing to say, you left me speechless!


Because i am wrong or right?




Well i want to know…


Well I want 30% of your legal guardian’s income wired to me every month on the 5th by Western Union…


Your arrogant attitude is superfluous.


No deal…?


If you guys really want to slug it out ask someone to officiate as witness.


Yah well it’s over. He’s talking nonsense to avoid answering ,and after about a two week argument i rest my case.


Superflous…what the fuck does that mean?!


Oh the Sarcastic Shurda and the Serious Ilias