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The game was only destroyed for those who really didn’t care about it in the first place. You also don’t seem to care enough for the community much less the developer or you wouldn’t have posted this personally seen as horribly rude thread, please understand that not every player joins the community, not everyone likes clans, and most everyone with serious devotion is already part of a clan, if you want to change these things and make your clan worthwhile start recruiting the no names and actually make the community larger instead of complaining to the people that can’t take responsibility, also please consider the part on the developer reading this to, I don’t think it was very nice to insult his work so bluntly and heartlessly, I have been here actually since before 90% of the features were added, and I never until just a short span ago made an account with a name and joined forums, I simply played for the enjoyment and that was it. And yes there are some serious opponents out there with the name of “player”, I’m highly experienced and I still find worthwhile opponents with the simple chip coin PFP and the standard player name.

The I Have A Name Gang

Hey dude war is cruelty. And I seem to remember a much higher percentage of players having names before the shitty updates came out but now that I can control my units again I am willing to play again.


This is a game designed and produced from what I know one person, who is already demoralized and saddened by the fact the game went through a rough time for some, if you have no more respect for the man who made this game then please I have no respect for you. The community will only regrow once people just like you get it in their head to be positive. Congratulations you can play again but you likely caused hard feelings, and war is only cruel for the ones who have lost. And this is what you call diplomacy and political science, returning fire under a direct fact, and with emotion information that should help force a vision, and the vision I see is you learning how to respect the hard work and dedication of others, I have seen this game in every stage of its development and each one was a new light and a show that this small time developer has spent entire days worth of his time coding in and reviewing features as well as fixing bugs. Cruelty is also not a shade on the banner of war as all war is civilized and led by a higher fashion of rank, those who cannot see the entirety of a situation are the ones likely doomed by a superior power, I spent eight years in a governmental field, war isn’t always fought with troops, and as a last thought I would like to also inform you that I have very dear wishes to see you posting more mature content in the future that isn’t even if accidental, rude. I have nothing but praise for anyone who plays the game but that praise ends when someone isn’t quite respectful.


I literally warned that guy not to destroy his game and he went and did it anyway. The post is in this forum. The game is better now but it is still no better than it was in 2016 and never will be because its beauty is in its simplicity which I told him last year. Was it oh so mean of me to call his game “beautiful” too?


Due to the way you type, its all about respect. You don’t kiss and then slap, that’s considered rude. Please honestly think of your answers before you bake two or three sentences up that contradict each other.


That’s mean calling the game beautiful so rude

And it’s still a great game hasn’t been that many changes although I do see the difference and it may or may not be better but it’s still Good ol’Samurai Wars

I noticed in beta you could pick however many troops you wanted to move and they would all move in unison which I thought was nice


Rudeness means nothing to me. War is cruelty. Have you ever been in the military, son?


I have served in special forces yes, I have shot people yes. This is a game and I believe you should understand that this isn’t real life. You take your character a little to far for all of this to even make a lick of sense, if you had served well you would understand that a game doesn’t call for you to act like a child and throw useless information around which has nothing to do with the subject. Military service doesn’t pre-title you to say whatever you like online. now this is going a bit far for someone who claims they know respect and honour, respect and honour your image in the community by rethinking your current mode of typing and redirecting it to a more understandable and mature edition, not ranting your lack of human respect on the internet because you are in the wrong.




I’ll sober up and reply to that, otherwise I might call you into the sanitarium and have you signed up and packed before dawn. Egh I’ll edit tomorrow, I deserve the vodka, it is honestly backstabbing to the community to support this, get a bloody mind and get it in there straight. You both are acting like megalomaniacs and narccecists ignoring what the community needs but cheering on the insulting and dishonourable opinions on the web under what has to be one of the most bluntly distasteful name imaginamble , honestly what are you showing? I mean first you want to claim you are military good, that being in the military gives you rights to insult the developer, okay, understand this, if you have an ounce of respect for the community you wouldn’t be the ones chocking it down, you winder why half a community leaves, I wonder what this place would turn into with a few thousand more, its already turning to cancer just noticing details, and yes I will edit this to something that would be fitting of your tender little mind my friend, I’m simply in a state of toxicity that leaves no filter, as well you seem to have been borne without the raising to know what I mean I guess I should explain a wee modem it means keeping those useless little yips and yaps out because that gives another chance for someone to rack your face down a wall, talk about military and tacticians, you can’t stand in an argument, I would highly doubt you could really put on a show either, this talk about clans and you get bickering but no one wants to change it without everyone else agreeing to one complex huge ordeal of a plan. I can agree we should go back to simpler times, its kind of disgusting how greedy people are here, and for a last bit I remind you both keyboard, and toxicity. Either way I hope you have a nice night :slight_smile:


Why would you edit? Your constant criticism of this community is spread all across it already. You might of made a separate thread about it, called a town hall. Perhaps like, making a big deal out of it will get better results. Idk. I’m sorry if my contribution here has ruined the community or caused cancer, but I dont think I will leave even after your drunken honestly.


Please how many arguments persist because the community can’t agree? There always will be so either get going down the road or accept the fact , I am going to speak my thoughts, in a nice calm happy manner as always, because if you can’t support the person who is letting you type at the moment you will be, and you can’t support the honest growth of community and you support overall immature rude behavior then let it all out, and you wonder why the community is shrinking, yes you are a nice blot of cancer, I see you bought your way into favour as well, usually most would have basically removed every ounce of the argument by now. Though of course I forget that we have about five people running the whole community. I’ve really got nothing to worry about, I’m sorry but you just have no possible format that could counter argue anything I say, its useless as I am stating fact not fiction nor roleplay insults or the little “test me on the battle field” gimmicks. Christ must you turn everything into a little game until you get bit and then you limp away with claims like the others.


Fucking drunk prick. I tried to be civil with you earlier today but you seem to be an angry uncompromising type as far as I can tell. I had thought you were someone who I would enjoy building this community with, but now I have no desire for future interaction. Over.


Oh, you build a community with commoner insults? You build a community by supporting insults? Please I’ve had about enough of you, you are about a sour as whatever his name with the mace over there in the corner. In fact I believe my dog can actually hold a larger vocabulary than yours as well. You have no nerve and you are supporting the wrong ideas here, like you actually have ground you didn’t buy.


I think no one wants to take the game seriously is cause of people like you…

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